Friday, May 2, 2014

What Am I Cooking Today?: No-Knead Bread

I guess the title of this blog should be "What Am I Baking Today" but I'll go with the usual title, okay onto the blog! So if you fellow foodies don't already know, along with cooking I also love to bake bread. It's a skill that took me a good 2 years worth of messing up my mom's granite counters with flour and baking a different loaf each day before I mastered it. But unlike me it doesnt have to take you 2 years to make a perfect loaf of French bread. Jim Lahey created this no-knead bread recipe in his bakery, Sullivan Street Bakery. It's a technique that uses very little yeast, no kneading (as the title suggests), but a long resting time. I've made this bread recipe several times and I can say from experience it's fool-proof. And some people may be turned off by 12-18 hour resting time but it gives the dough enough time to mature in flavor and it creates the holes in the bread that we all love. I simply served this loaf of bread on its own with a little olive oil and I also may use it for sandwiches or bruschetta in a few days. So that's what I'm cooking (or baking) today!

Jim Lahey's No-Knead Bread Recipe: