Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What Am I Cooking Today?: Lamb Chops

So I decided that along with my weekly website recipes I will also post "What Am I Cooking Today?" each week, which will give you a little insight as to what I love to cook when I'm not cooking for my family. And today I was so inspired by spring and the warm weather, I decided to make a lamb dish. I had planned to cook lamb for Easter, but pork belly was more readily available. I bought a rack of lamb from my butcher yesterday, since I've been wanting to try Chef Marc Murphy's grilled lamb chop recipe from his Landmarc Restaurant menu and Twitter feed.  It was incredibly tender and the marinade gave the lamb a nice garlic and herb flavor which was fabulous. Also, this recipe was so easy to prepare, I'll definitely make it again! I served it on a bed of grilled lemons and fresh watercress but you can serve it with roasted potatoes, couscous, or a nice crisp salad. Below is a picture of my grilled lamb chops.

Chef Murphy's Lamb Chop Recipe: