Saturday, May 24, 2014

What Am I Cooking Today: Homemade Pasta

Hello everyone! So I did some spring cleaning around my house and I found that I had a pasta maker that hasn't been used that I bought my mom for her birthday a year or two ago. It's a Cucina Vitale pasta maker that I purchased online at sur la table's website for $180 (they don't carry Cucina Vitale pasta makers on their website anymore but does) . Fresh pasta reminds me of summery, warm weather because it's very light and not heavy. And because I'm using a machine that mixes the pasta together and gets the exact shape I desire, I don't have to dirty my counters with flour kneading it. Today for lunch, I made homemade pappardelle in a lemon and ricotta carbonara sauce with a few charred cherry tomatoes on top, garnished with a leaf of basil. One of the benefits of making fresh pasta is that it cooks quicker than pasta you buy from a box literally it only needs a minute or two in salted boiling water. Making pasta is also another way you can get your kids, friends, or family involved in cooking dinner. Please try to make your own pasta at least once, trust me you'll never go back!

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